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Update your prescribers

Last updated on September 1, 2023

What’s a prescriber?

A prescriber is a licensed health care provider — such as a doctor or a nurse practitioner — who can write a prescription for your medication. Each prescription in your Optum Rx account is linked to a prescriber.

Updating your prescribers

When you update a prescriber, be sure to make the same change for each medication they prescribe. You can add or update a prescriber when a medication requires a new prescription.

You can also make this change when transferring or renewing a prescription.

Note: You can’t update a prescription with remaining refills. These prescriptions are linked permanently to the original provider.

How to update your prescribers

  1. Select Update prescribers from the review order and pay page. 
  2. Enter the prescriber name in the Search for prescriber box and click the magnifying glass. 
  3. If your prescriber appears, select and click Update prescriber. 
  4. If your prescriber does not appear, select Add prescriber manually to input the information.

Viewing your prescribers

Your prescribers are listed below each of your medications. You can view this information on several pages, but you can only change your prescriber during checkout.

Your prescribers

When you Start an order, your prescriber’s name will appear below each medication or on the Prescription details page.

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