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Know your coverage and costs

Last updated on September 1, 2023

Discover ways to save

If you are looking for opportunities to save on your medication, we’re here to help. From choosing generics to changing quantities, there are many ways to lower your prescription drug costs. Visit our Savings Center or use our Drug Pricing Tool to find the best price.

Optum Rx Savings Center

While making small changes can reduce your spending, finding ways to save takes time. Let our Savings Center do the heavy lifting.


Switch to generic


Transfer to home delivery


Switch pharmacy


Change quantity

Search for savings

Search for your medication. We’ll bring the savings opportunities to you.

phone screen with example of savings details for a medication on Optum Rx

Optum Rx Drug Pricing Tool

Our Drug Pricing Tool helps you identify the cost of your current medication.

Search by drug name

Enter a medication into the search bar and search to find pricing.

Search your medication

Select a medication from Your current prescriptions and search to find pricing.

Priority pricing

We can help you find the lowest prices through Optum® Home Delivery or at a pharmacy near you.

Compare and save

Medication costs vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. Scroll through our priority pricing to find the lowest cost for brand-name and generic drugs.

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See what’s covered 

Knowing if your plan will pay for a medication can help you manage your overall spending on prescription drugs. 

What is a covered medication? 

When your plan pays for all or part of a medication.

How do I know if a medication is covered? 

Enter your medication into our Drug Pricing Tool. 

Not covered by insurance

A red box labeled drug not covered means that your insurance will not pay for that medication.

Note: While your plan may not cover a brand-name medication, it may pay for the generic version of that drug.

Covered by insurance

A blue box labeled Copay notice means that your plan will pay for that medication. Sometimes, your plan will pay full price. Other times, you may have to pay a copay.


Your prescription drug list

A prescription drug list includes most medications that your plan will cover. These lists help prescribers and their patients choose cost-effective medication that can treat a health condition.

Search list: Enter a medication to see if it’s on your plan’s prescription drug list.

Your current prescriptions: If a prescriber has submitted a prescription to Optum Rx, it will appear below the search bar. Select a medication to learn more about it.

Search A–Z or by therapeutic class: To look up a medication, search alphabetically or browse by therapeutic class.

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Frequently asked questions

A prescription drug list does not include all medication that is available. Optum Rx regularly reviews medication for safety, effectiveness and cost. When appropriate, we add or remove medication from our prescription drug lists. We also change our lists when a company launches a new drug or recalls one due to safety issues.

Contact your prescriber to discuss your options. They can submit a prior authorization for your current medication or change your prescription to an alternative medication.

Request a prior authorization

Your plan may require a prior authorization for certain medication. Prior authorizations help us ensure that your prescriptions are safe, effective and medically necessary. Your prescriber can start the prior authorization process by contacting Optum Rx in several ways.

Note: Submitting a prior authorization does not guarantee coverage of medication.


Contact your prescriber

For a faster response, ask your prescriber to submit a request.


Submit it online

Sign in to your member portal to fill out a request.


Contact member services

Call 1-800-356-3477 to submit a verbal request to a member service team member.

Tracking requests

Once submitted, you can track the status of your prior authorization request from your dashboard.

phone screen with status tracker example on the Optum Rx app

Clinical professional review

Once the clinical reviewers get the necessary information from your provider, we can review your request within a few business days. We will send a decision letter to you and your provider when the review is complete.


Request received


Prescriber review


Clinical review


Review criteria

When making recommendations, the review committee considers the safety, effectiveness and cost of a medication. They look at several resources, including:

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved uses
  • Medication instruction labels
  • Accepted or published clinical recommendations

Request outcomes

Once we have completed our review, we will let you and your prescriber know if we have approved or denied your request.

Approval: Once the request is approved, you can fill your prescription at your preferred pharmacy.
Denial: If your request is denied, you or your provider may select an alternative medication or file an appeal for reconsideration.
Appeal: You can resubmit your request or choose from other options we share with you during cancellation.

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Understand your medication

Get coverage and prescription drug information.

Update your prescribers

Ensure your prescriber details are up to date.